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The fastest and most accurate methods of producing custom valuations for fine wine collections.

Use it to…

Producing stock valuations is an important aspect of what our members do, but is a time-consuming process when done manually. Using Valuation APIs from Liv-ex reports can be automatically generated for your own lists, your client reserves and any other lists you receive, saving your business a significant amount of time – and therefore money.

These valuations are produced using data from Liv-ex, a trusted and independent third party source. Methodology is transparent, offering you and your clients complete confidence in and independence from the results.

Get started: Regular valuations

  • Automatically produce valuations against a predefined list
    Regularly value client reserves or stay informed about the latest price movements of wines in your portfolio. Valuations are instant, accurate and trusted


Get started: Pricing on demand

  • Provide one-off valuations for lists or single wines

Pricing on demand_

Technical information

Market Price service – Obtain the Liv-ex Market Price for a specific wine

Historic Market Price – Obtain the Liv-ex Market Price for a specific wine, at a specific point in history

Market Price difference – The difference between today’s Market Price and the price at a given day in history

Liv-ex professional – Complete pricing for customer reserves