Send Pre-advices automatically

From today, you can take advantage of a new Liv-ex API which automates the process of uploading Pre-advices, saving you both time and money.

How it helps you

By automating, the API will help you to:

  • Sync the Pre-advice directly from your stock control system
  • Remove human error
  • Process Pre-advices faster

How it works

The API has been built to help you send Pre-advices from your own system directly into Vine, automating the upload proces and saving you time and money.

The current system requires you to manually fill out an Excel template and email it to Vine, who then input it into the system. This is time consuming for both parties and has the potential for human error.

The Pre-advice API is available for users of Navision, Magento, SAP, Vision and Netsuite.

This service is now available to all members of Vine.

You can download technical information here.

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