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Direct Market Access enables your system to communicate with Liv-ex in real time. Available stock on both systems stays in sync – without any manual processes.


Use it to…

  • Maximise your opportunities to buy and sell

Use multichannel selling to make more of your stock available to the global fine wine trade – and automatically identify purchasing opportunities.

  • Save time and money – and reduce risk

Automated processes reduce the need for tedious administration and minimise human error. Never risk selling the same wine twice again.

  • Increase efficiency

By taking advantage of additional opportunities to sell stock, you can improve your stock turn, cash flow and grow your business easily.


Getting started:


✓ Send us your list of product codes
✓ Send us your IP information (if appropriate)
✓ Use stock systems that you already have in place – such as Magento


✓ Send you user credentials
✓ Set up your test environment
✓ Provide you with technical documentation
✓ Match your product codes to LWIN


Technical information:

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