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Increase your customer offering – without committing any extra capital.

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You can use Liv-ex Broking APIs to increase and improve the stock that you offer to your clients – without committing any extra capital or taking on more risk.

Liv-ex brings together stock from the largest pool of fine wine buyers and sellers worldwide: there are currently over £29 million of firm bids and offers on the Exchange, and over 35,000 price updates daily. Liv-ex Broking APIs uniquely enable you to extend the offering of the global fine wine trade directly to your clients. Wines are delivered to you from a single source, with defined contract terms and guaranteed standards.


  • Create an online shop

Expand your offering to over 4,500 different products by granting your clients access to bids and offers from Liv-ex.

  • Expand your offers, and source more widely

Supplement your stock list with offers from Liv-ex’s 440 merchant members, while dealing with just one counterparty and receiving deliveries from a single source. Offer complete verticals and baskets of wine without committing extra capital or incurring storage and insurance costs.

  • Price points on demand

You can receive current and historic price points for any wine in the Liv-ex database into your system, on demand. Identify the best opportunities to trade, and ensure that your buying and selling decisions are fully informed.

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Technical information

Membership API – Bring bids and offers directly into your own system BRO

Membership API (EUR) – Bring bids and offers directly into your own system in Euros BRO

Broking– Best bids, offers and latest trades

Marketplace – Bids and offers

Pricing API– Receive current and historic data for any wine in the Liv-ex database into your system on demand


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